Nov 24 2010

All Being Well

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All Being Well and the Power of Words

How often do we take notice of what we’re saying? How often do we think about the meaning of the words we speak?

Words have such a powerful effect on us and upon our lives that you’d think we’d be a little more careful how we use them.

Take a simple little phrase such as “All being well.” How often have you heard it? My father always ended any discussion about going somewhere with these words. Another of his favourites was “God willing.” But what is really meant by that?

Are we saying: “I’ll be there, if everything works out the way I want it to, but I don’t believe it will”? Or, “If everything works out the way I’d sort of like it to be”? Or, “If everything works out the way I think it could, but I’m not sure it will”? What could prevent our event from taking place?

Do you think God may be UN-willing? Does the opposite of “All being well” mean that “All may be UN-well”?

And, if we think God may be unwilling, or that all may be unwell, who has the power to control that? Who or what are we giving our power to? Are we really saying “I’m just a lowly human and don’t have the right to make this decision”?

In the old energy, it would have been audacious of us to presume we had control over events. In the old energy, we had no idea what was going to happen before an event actually took place so “All being well” was probably appropriate.

Our life could have changed in a single instant. We could have had an accident on our way. We could have dropped dead of a heart attack. Any number of things could have occurred to prevent the event from taking pace. In that case all definitely would not have been well! But times have changed. The energy has changed.

Personally, I believe people who say “All being well” are giving their power away.

On the surface it may appear to be a pious supplication to the Almighty ~ a way to surrender to a higher power and what something outside of us wants or chooses. But I think it’s a copout. It eliminates any possibility of empowerment or choice. After all, it’s not a very empowering statement is it?

Why would I say that? Don’t I believe that God could have some other plan for our day or at least the time we arrange to meet? Absolutely! But it depends on who or what you believe God to be. For me, we are made in the image and likeness of God (and that doesn’t mean He’s some old man in the sky). In our non-human form, we are just as powerful. And a part of us still retains that non-human aspect.

We are powerful!

In the new energy of the times we currently live in, we have the power to determine how we live our life. We even have the power to leave this world THROUGH CONSCIOUS CHOICE!

I firmly believe that we have the power to be as healthy as we want; have all that we truly wish for; be all that we truly desire.

Maybe our God Self, Higher Self, or whatever you want to call that part of us, has plans we’re not consciously aware of. Perhaps we’re not sufficiently evolved to the point where we can consciously choose a particular path. But we can EXPECT that our life will be the way we consciously choose it.

We should NEVER relinquish our power to choose. That means if we truly want to make arrangements to see somebody or do something, then we proceed as if that’s exactly what will happen and there should be no question in our mind whatsoever that the event will actually take place.

Strange as it may seem, by making room for the possibility for “All being un-well” we are actually attracting that likelihood. Our energy sends out the message: “I believe there’s a chance that this will not go as I want it to.” We therefore create the opposite of what we say we want.

If we give away our supremacy to someone/something other than our self and believe that “All being well” (with its attendant possibility of “All being un-well”) is a valid way to live our life, then we totally¬† forfeit any chance of All being well THE WAY WE CHOOSE IT TO BE.

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