Jan 09 2016

About Empowerment4U

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Anyaa H'redullaEmpowerment4U has been created by Anyaa H’redulla who wrote the book Joy Makers: My Tools for Self-Empowerment.

Empowerment is PRICELESS. Everyone wants to feel capable, strong, hopeful, and well, but how many of us can claim that as our ‘normal’ state of being?

Anyaa believes it is critical that we take back our power in every area of our life: phyically, emotionally, economically, and spiritually if we are to maintain any level of joy in our life. People don’t need healing from outside themselves. Instead, we need to discover our innate wholeness and inherent well-being.

And THAT is what Empowerment is all about!

You’ll  find more information about empowerment on Anyaa’s website.

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