Sep 02 2011

A Drop of Joy

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A Drop of Joy by Ayman Sawaf

What is the difference between Happiness and Joy?

How do you change Anger to Passion?

Or Jealousy to Receiving What is Truly Yours?

Or Fear to Compassion?

These questions are all answered in this video by Ayman Sawaf, the author of Sacred Commerce.

Also, I recently listened to his conversation with Jim Self.

One of the more interesting points in this conversation concerned business financial goals. We’re all familiar with the focus on the bottom line: How much money did we make? It’s the world’s fixation with the almighty dollar and joy certainly doesn’t enter into the equation.

However, there are now businesses that are interested in three bottom line numbers instead of one. They operate conscious commerce and are interested in the return on investment for:

  1. The owners/investors
  2. People: employees and customers
  3. The Planet/Environment

Some even more evolved businesses practise sacred commerce where they include a fourth number: the return for the Higher Self. These businesses don’t add this return at the bottom of the above list, but place it in the number one position as it is considered the most important.

It all boils down to what brings everyone joy. What makes employers/investors, employees and customers feel fulfilled?

We’ve all heard about doing what makes our heart sing if we want to be successful. When we are involved in any occupation that brings us joy – that makes us want to jump out of bed every morning so that we can do more, we are more interested in HOW and WHAT we do rather than how much money we make.

Take someone like Oprah, for instance. Nobody can argue that she’s not doing what she feels passionate about and look where it got her. Following your passion can make you more money than you ever dreamed possible if you do it with integrity and joy.

Feeling passionate about our career/job is the surest road to success. This is the basis for Sacred Commerce. It’s all about doing what’s best for everyone involved – not just the shareholders.

Happiness and it’s counterpart joy, is becoming a subject of interest to countries such as Bhutan where Gross National Happiness (GNH) is more important than GNP! Can you imagine a Minister of Happiness sitting alongside the Minister of Foreign Affairs in our Canadian parliament or in Washington?

With all the changes that are currently taking place on our planet, it may take less time than we believe possible. We’ll ALL get to experience joy on the new earth as The Shift changes all our major systems –  financial, economic, educational, political, etc.

And the difference between Happiness and Joy?

Happiness is when our NEEDS are met. We all need a roof over our head and we become happier when we move from one-room to a little house.

But when we would like that house to be on a beach in Hawaii, that is a PREFERENCE. And when we achieve our preferences, we experience Joy.

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