Oct 16 2010

10~10~10: Choice

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10~10~10: Choice

More than at any time in humanity’s history, we now have choice. Until recently, our choices were very limited by the duality of third dimension, but that has now changed.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we now live in fourth dimension where we have the ability to make conscious choices. You may think that you’ve always had that ability, but duality restricted our choice because, more often than not, we reacted to experiences and situations instead of choosing. Our concepts of good and bad, right and wrong, and the fear of punishment, etc., all determined what we believed our reaction should be to any given experience.

When choice is limited by our limited subconscious beliefs about how life should be and how we should act, then our ability to choose is very restricted.

The subconscious beliefs that determine how we respond to any given situation may not even be our ours! So many people in our life expect us to live the way THEY think is right that our choice becomes even narrower. Mom, dad, teacher, minister, etc. all have opinions about the best way to live life and we were taught THEIR way long before we had the ability to make our own choice about what we believed.

For me, empowerment is the door to freedom and if there is a threshold to that door, it has to be choice.

In the words of Jim Self:

Choice creates opportunity. Opportunity allows for well-being. Well-being awakens happiness, openness and the inner smile within the Heart. From your open Heart, your purpose and the fulfillment of all your dreams are within your grasp.

With conscious choice, we have freedom without the encumbrance of guilt or blame. We make our choice from a place of the highest good for our self and for all concerned.

Instead of reacting the way we have always reacted in the past, we can stop and think about how we want to act and what feels right in our heart. Our choice is not based on past conditioning, but on our desire for a new way of living consciously.

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    Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thfkanul for your help.

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