Oct 19 2010

10~10~10: Beauty


10~10~10: Beauty

As you may have noticed, I have been posting a series about the 10~10~10 Convergence. IN addition to my original post, one post concerns Empowerment, another is about Choice, and yesterday’s was about The Shift. Today, the subject is beauty – yet another aspect of the new energy here on Earth.

Beauty denotes judgement if it is viewed through our third dimension eyes. We have a certain concept of what beauty should be and freely judge individuals according to our societal standard.

But there is another view of beauty that has nothing to do with those standards.

I’m not discussing facial beauty, but rather a person’s inner beauty, which is unseen through our “normal” eyes. However, if we search carefully, we will always find it.

I remember reading a story about a doctor working at a clinic for individuals who had no health insurance. Some may have called the patients the “scum of the earth” as many were homeless. There was one patient who was badly in need of a bath. His clothes were tattered and torn, he had several days growth on his face, and there was nothing to redeem him beauty-wise… at first sight.

The doctor always made it a habit to find at least ONE THING that he liked about every person he treated: one feature of beauty that he could admire. Unfortunately, he was having a difficult time with this man as he smelled really bad.

He searched and searched with little success until he laid eyes on the man’s shoe-laces. The doctor noticed that they were tied perfectly! This was something that he could admire about the unfortunate man and this is what he focused on as he examined him.

At first glance, it seems ridiculous to appreciate the way someone neatly ties their shoe-laces, but the doctor was able to love the man because of that one small thing.

He was able to find love in his heart for a fellow human being and appreciate what, to him, was a symbol of beauty!

At the 10~10~10, we were encouraged to find at least one thing we like about another person if we look upon them for more than 2 seconds. It may be something they’re wearing, a physical feature, or something we admire about them such as their attitude in a situation or the tone of their voice.

On the flight to Phoenix, I observed a woman who found a man sitting in her allotted seat. In a very commanding voice, she said: “That is my seat.” There was no emotion in it – no anger or frustration. She didn’t raise her voice. She didn’t apologize for anything. She simply stated a fact. The man immediately gathered his items and vacated the seat.

The way she handled the situation was enviable and I really took notice. That, to me, was her inner beauty shining through. I would probably have been apologetic for disturbing the man as he seemed very settled :), but not her.

The human body we live in for our time on Earth is NOT who we are. In our natural state, we are Beings of Love, so we need to start recognizing our own beauty. We are in the process of learning to re-member who and what we truly are.

Maybe we don’t have the perfect nose or mouth. Perhaps we have acne or some sort of disfiguring mark on our body. But if we truly look, instead of identifying all our perceived flaws, we can find something we actually like about our self.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing and it doesn’t have to be something others may judge as our beauty. It’s something that we see in our self and can appreciate. If we can do that every morning instead of our usual judgements, by the Law of Attraction, we will begin to change and start attracting beauty to us. We will begin to see ourselves as the beautiful beings we really are. Not only will we recognize it in our self, we will see that we are surrounded by beauty… in Nature and in all the other souls that live on this planet with us.

The new energy is gradually removing the veil that prevents us from seeing our own beauty and that of others. It means that we have the opportunity to more clearly see who and what we are as Beings of Light and Love.

Remember, what we focus on grows. Let us all be objects of beauty!

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