Oct 14 2010

10-10-10 Convergence

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10-10-10 Convergence

My friend, Brenda, and I are now home from the 10-10-10 Convergence in Scottsdale, Arizona. As you may remember, there were some pre-seminar webinars to prepare participants and I shared my feelings of inadequacy about the exercises. I’m delighted to say that I successfully resolved that issue before leaving and it is no longer a problem :).

The photo is of Steve Rother and Jim Self who were the main presenters at the event. Steve’s wife, Barbara also participated and Barry Goldstein provided an exceptional musical component.

What an amazing event the 10-10-10 was!

I’m still trying to assimilate this wonderful experience and find it a challenge to put into words what actually took place. An even bigger challenge is coming back to my “normal” life after being in the 10-10-10 energy for four amazing days. And we never did adjust to Arizona time!

But what was of paramount importance was the fact that at ten minutes after ten on October 10, 2010 a group of 460 odd people in person and approximately 150 online, anchored the new energy on planet Earth through this Lightworker 10-10-10 event.

We weren’t the only group celebrating the 10-10-10.

This auspicious occasion was duplicated around the world by spiritual workers everywhere as we move closer to the Shift that so many are now anticipating.

In the next few posts, I will share more about the significance of this event and the empowering message that we heard, and experienced first-hand, as a result of attending the 10-10-10 Convergence.

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  1. joyon 15 Oct 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Hi Anyaa,

    Welcome back. I am anxious to hear more of your adventure.


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