Feb 06 2016

What To Do When $1m a Year Doesn’t Pay the Bills


All things are relative. One person may consider themselves financially comfortable on what others may perceive as the poverty line. Another person may have trouble paying their bills with an income of $1m a year! Hard to believe, but in the video below, Iyanla Vanzant talks about a time in her life when this was her reality.

Iyanla-JessThat may be hard to swallow for most people, but it all boils down to poverty consciousness.

You’ve probably heard of people who win the lottery, but a short while later are totally broke. It’s the same kettle of fish – they suffer from poverty consciousness. If we hold an unconscious belief that we don’t deserve lots of good things – if we don’t believe we are worthy of abundance, then we will make darn sure that good things don’t stick around for very long.

If you suspect that you have an unconscious belief that you don’t deserve, then take the time to watch the entire video. You will learn how to change your poverty consciousness and change your life. If you have a difficult time believing you deserve good things and lots of money in your life, then follow Iyalna’s advice!

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May 09 2015

Empowering Quotes #109


MoneyThis Empowering Quote is from a transmission from Archangel Michael through Meredith Murphy, founder of Expect Wonderful.

There are wars and such about energy. Then there is so much energy in money that it’s being put into a straitjacket so that none of you get out of control. That’s really the reason that there was so much fear instilled into different aspects of your culture, because of your ideas about money. We don’t mean that someone came in and decided to scare the heck out of all of you. But there has been a tremendous momentum of fear around money. We will talk about that too.

When Archangel Michael says: ‘We will talk about that too.’, he is referring to the three-part series of discussions about money that will become available through Expect Wonderful. The quote comes from Part I and you can read the entire article here.

In the transmission, AA Michael asked Meredith to use the above image. What do you see and feel when you look at it? Is there any energetic reaction to all the different currencies? Your response could be a clue to help you to identify your own relationship with money.

So many people have a love/hate relationship with money. Even those with an adequate supply have fears about keeping what they have and making more. People of all income levels have fears around the subject.

If you never have enough. Or if you would like to increase your own abundance, these articles will assist you in re-thinking your beliefs, and help you to lose your fears and see money from a different perspective.

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Apr 30 2015

Empowering Quotes #108


empowerment4u.comA lady by the name of Edwene Gaines is the author of this Empowering Quote heard at a prosperty workshop a while ago.

… opening ourselves to receive abundance in all its glorious forms is NOT making a god of money. Going to a job you absolutely hate, every day, JUST FOR THE MONEY — THAT is making money your god.

As Edwene says, abundance comes in many glorious forms. Money is just one form. Many people equate money with abundance, but that is not the only form abundance takes.

When we limit our experience of abundance to only money, there is no way we can feel abundant when money is in short supply for some reason. Also, we miss all the other wonderful forms it takes. The incredible beauty of nature, our family and friends, the wealth of knowledge others share with us, the air we breathe, and many, many more examples.

And what about making money our god? There have been times in my life when I was guilty of this – times when I was a single mother and ‘needed’ to work to support my children, and other times when I didn’t understand anything about abundance or how to attract more into my life. At that time, money was definitely my god and I did not believe I was abundant because there was never enough of it.

Those times are now past and I am free to choose how I acknowledge all the wonderful events and experiences in my life that prove I am abundant. Feeling that gratitude and appreciation opens me to more … more abundance, which often means more money!


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Apr 29 2015

Empowering Quotes #107

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empowerment4u.comThe following Empowering Quote from Abraham will be difficult for many people to accept, but with all the activities going on in the world right now, it is definitely timely and food for thought.

These beings, that are acting out in those ways that you find so awful, are tormented and suffering in ways that you will not understand. Their horrible acts are extensions of that pain. We also have to say to you—no one who is not a vibrational match to that could be their victim.

It’s hard to believe that acts of violence are the result of pain felt by the perpetrators. It’s hard to believe that they are suffering in any way. “They’re the ones who are causing suffering!”, you say. And that is exactly how it looks from your point of view.

But there is so much going on that’s of a non-physical nature. These terrorists and law-breakers are fulfilling contracts and undergoing experiences that, from a Soul perspective, are vitally important to their evolvement. It is part of their spiritual journey. No doubt there are many other ways they are suffering that, as Abraham tells us, we simply cannot understand.

And what of the past sentence in the quote? That is a challenge and probably the one most difficult to swallow. How come only victims are a vibrational match to these ‘horrible acts’? Many people are affected by the violence so how can they all be a vibrational match? It’s a question I am unable to answer, but I suspect it has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction. I have implicit trust in Spirit and accept what Abraham says.

He also says we are here to live happily ever after… and that’s what I intend to do!

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Apr 28 2015

Empowering Quotes #106


empowerment4u.comHumans are such strange creatures sometimes and this Empowering Quote from the inspirational writer, O.S. Marsden, illustrates that perfectly because it’s so true!

“I’m awfully worried this morning,” said one woman. “What is it?” “Why, I thought of something to worry about last night, and now I can’t remember it.”

I don’t think I’ve ever gone through this particular scenario, but I have certainly experienced something similar :).

How often do we waste time with pointless exercises? Worry is definitely one of the most pointless. When we recognize that we are worrying, it’s best to distract our self with something creative, or perhaps take a walk, or read a book, or clean a closet. ANYTHING is better than worrying.

Of course, worrying tends to be a major cause of insomnia and once our mind gets started on a worry, getting off the gerbil wheel can be difficult. Logic rarely helps with these situations so try a meditation, or get up and make a cup of cocoa, or read a book. I find reading is my go-to activity for any situation at any time :).

The other fail-safe remedy is to use EFT Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique on whatever is worrying you. It’s such an easy modality. Anyone can do it. Everything you could possibly need is available by clicking here, including simple Tapping routines for various situations.

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Apr 27 2015

Empowering Quotes #105


empowerment4u.comPast Empowering Quotes have dealt with the Now, Resistance, and obtaining Peace. Here they are combined to make this quote from Eckhart Tolle even more empowering.

Don’t look for any other state than the one you are in now; otherwise, you will set up inner conflict and unconscious resistance. Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace.

This quote comes from Eckhart’s book Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises From The Power of Now and is just one of his many inspirational suggestions to assist us to live more consciously and in more joy.

Applying the words of the image also helps us to remember how important it is to accept What Is. When we fight against what we are experiencing because we have expectations of feeling or acting differently, we are setting up inner conflict and resistance as Eckhart reminds us.

It’s not always easy to accept where we are in any Now moment, but being aware that we are our own worst enemy when we fail to acknowledge What Is will help us to transmute our non-peace into peace.

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